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    A Reading List for Resistance

    By John Morrison

    With the current rise of organized fascism in America and across Europe, it has become essential that Black and non-Black POC alike begin to reimagine the ways in which resistance can happen. 

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    An Examination of Colored People Time

    By Myles Johnson

    “Just five more minutes.”

    We are late. The world is desperate to rush my friend as he gets ready, but he refuses to be anything but slow and steady. It’s in his flesh. He manifests excuses as he patiently rubs oil into his brown skin in order to make it gold.

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    What Is the Proper Space for Hope? A Young Black Queer Millennial's Reflection on Obama

    By Vernon Jordan, III

    Were we silly to think Obama would be a beacon and example of liberation against global white supremacy and anti-blackness? No. But we were certainly fooled. We were distracted -- great imagery can do that -- and it's no surprise that in a campaign so formidably led by college youth, grassroots organizing on the part of, it seemed, the whole country, we might feel a kind of euphoric haze not common here: for a moment we could feel together, feel a touch of another person, and feel recognized in the presence of Barack Obama.

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    Threshold of Revelation: A Disabled Queer Killjoy on National Themes

    By Bani Amor 

    "Like failure, chaos contains information that can lead to knowledge—even wisdom. Like art." - Toni Morrison

    I lay in a fetal-ish position on the floor of my little sister’s room, reaching beyond the tethers of immobilization for a pillow to slowly slide between my thighs. It feels like I’m stuffed in some invisible box or bound by powers only I can’t see and all I can really do is cradle my phone in my hands, so I open Twitter and see that the Senate has taken its first step in gutting the Affordable Care Act.

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    Black Cohesion: From Black Wall Street to Beyond

    By Manuel Bernal 

    Diversity is not enough, we need equity and collective power. We may be placed into an institution but we are still being forced to carry out white supremacy. We need to transform existing institutions and create our own. 

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