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    By Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez @priscadorcas

    I was home, the day after the election. I ran away, essentially.  I ran away from whiteness and straight into my mami’s arms, my papi's smiles, and my sister's kindness. I was hurting from the election, and I found myself in a bubble back home. My sister and I went out to dinner alone one night and we talked about life, love, and laughed so much we cried. I was in her world, locked away from Donald Trump and the suffocating whiteness of Nashville. I enjoyed it and needed it but it was not real, not for me, not anymore. And I wondered...

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    Sister, Sister: An Investigation of the Black Woman, the Media, and the Fight for Visibility

    By Tre Johnson @trejohns1978

    Insecure does something different than its network predecessors Sex and The City and Girls. As Issa Rae and her best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji), navigate a world that doesn’t seem designed for them, it gives these two women a complex relationship that is the core romance on the show. With Insecure, their relationship is intent on building each other up because of their respective insecurities, a dynamic that succeeds in ways that the SATC and Girls never consistently do, and gives Issa and Molly a roundedness the other shows don’t possess.

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